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 Especially for innovative business owners, Motiliti is a boutique marketing agency delivering everything from web traffic to sales conversions. We turn your unique story into new marketing that moves your prospects from search to sale, creating measurable results.


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Certified Google Partner
Pay Per Click Management
Search Engine Optimization
Custom Approaches
Banner Ads & Remarketing


Precise Geographic Targeting
Behavioral Targeting
Multi-Platform Solution
15 & 30 Second Format
Below Market Rates


Turn-Key Process
3D Animate Your Logo
Full Motion Graphics
Professional Actor/Voice Over
Scripting Assistance


Assess Your Landing Page Elements
Streamline Your Web Conversion Path
Optimize For The 4 Browsing Personas
Simplify Content and Calls To Action
Create Your Brand Lover Message

A Modern Marketing Team

Motiliti brings together both traditional advertising and web marketing into a unified strategy. We have data analysts, certified Google experts, video production experts, motion graphics and 3D animation specialists, multiple pre-roll video ad networks, over 30 professional actors for video projects and voice-overs, professional musicians, web designers, web developers and full-serve advertising agency services.
Average Web Traffic Increase

8 Years Helping Small Business Succeed

Average Conversion Rate Increase
Videos Produced For Clients
Clients Served
Million Gigabytes of Video Streamed Monthly


“Double Digit Growth”

"We had a double digit sales growth this year because of Live On Page."

“Tripled Our Lead Conversion Rate”

“Live On Page allowed me to cut my Google Adword budget in half. At the same time, I got a 3 fold increase in conversion rates at a 5 times less cost per lead. I have totally stopped TV advertising and I’ve never been busier.”

“Exactly What I Needed”

“Live On Page has given me exactly what I needed for my website, in fact it has exceeded my expectations.”

“Receiving More Sales Than Ever”

“Live On Page has been a great find for us. One of the keys to being successful is to stand out from your competitors. Live On Page does just that. But more than that, we have received more information and quote requests than ever before which is now turning into more sales. No doubt Live On Page contributes to that happening. I wish Live On Page continued success but honestly, I hope my competitors don’t find out about you.”

Ecommerce Success in 3 Days

“We have an ecommerce website and a two step page to try and get someone to purchase. The site hadn’t been producing at the rate we were looking for and we were searching for innovative solutions. We went to Live on Page and couldn’t be happier with the results, our video was live in three days! The video has helped us drive more customers to our ultimate goal, the sale. Live on Page has made a great difference for us.”

“A Video The Team is Proud Of”

"Thank you for all your hard work on the video project. I know a lot of resources and late nights were spent to help us deliver on time. You really pulled through! With your help, we were able to produce a video that the team is proud of, and it’s greatly appreciated. Look forward to working with you in the future."

“Put us into a whole different league”

“Our team was very impressed by the professional introduction of our company that Monique achieved. Her extemporaneous style and natural gesturing is remarkable and makes the viewer very comfortable. Her presence on our site has put this agency in a whole different league. In fact, I am anxious to bring all of our clients to “Live On Page” to enhance their respective web presence and it is our goal to use this feature on our website to achieve just that! Thanks to you and your team at “Live On Page”.

“Thank You, and Your Team!”

“I wanted to take the time to write you and thank you…(and your staff) …for your willingness / enthusiasm to work with us. Your professionalism and follow through was noticed and appreciated. It is so uncommon in today’s business environment. Very refreshing. We feel we will …beyond a shadow of doubt…get a tremendous return on our investment from your Live On Page services. Looking forward to a long and successful business relationship.”

“My lead generation count has increased ten-fold!”

“It has helped clients gather info about my wesite in an easy manner but it did something I did not expect…..credibility…..suddenly I am an expert in this field…..really has helped clients feel at ease. I have had lots of positive feedback since I put up the video. I actually had one guy who had obviously never seen this type of video before ask me with wonder & excitement ‘How did you get a live woman on your website?’ LOL! I gave him your website address. My lead generation count has increased ten-fold.”
“I use Live On Page on my own personal website, The results have been both immediate and measurable. Trust me when I tell you that Live On Page is a home run.”

“Worth Every Penny Spent”

“Live On Page allowed us to increase our marketing reach in a professional and unique way. It’s been worth every dollar we have spent. Because I was on our school website, I was a celebrity at our University’s freshman orientation. Parents felt like they already knew me. We have had an incredible response to using Live On Page on our website.”

“We are very pleased”

“Live On Page is doing great on our site. We are very pleased with the Live On Page service, we are definitely staying busy.”

“5 Star, First Class Operation”

“I do not often write letters of this nature but I feel that when someone or some company delivers above and beyond what is expected it is my desire and pleasure to let others know since it is so unusual in today’s rushed and impersonal business environment. Joe and Scott at Motiliti (Live On Page) have been men of their word to me in every way. I have worked closely with Joe Schaefer onPPC, SEO, and complex website video applications. Joe is not one dimensional. By focusing only on the product (desired outcome) he takes a much more comprehensive approach focusing not only on the product but also the successful end result he works as a consultant to get the desired result by altering the service or product to achieve ultimate success if possible. It is easy to rate Joe, Scott and Motiliti as a 5 Star first in class operation."

“Rave reviews about our website.”

“Enviro-Master Franchise, LLC (a franchise company out of Charlotte, NC) has utilized the services of Dr. Joe Schaefer and Live On Page and we have been extremely pleased with the product, service, responsiveness and ethics in all dealings with Dr. Schaefer. Personally, I have never seen a web site which I would categorize as ‘better’ than that which Dr. Schaefer created for Enviro-Master. Aside from being well-organized, easy-to-use and aesthetically attractive, the web videos are simply second to none. Dr. Schaefer utilizes professional actors who are absolutely superlative in the way they’ve represented our company. Our CEO even flew to Texas to appear on a live video, which was interfaced with a professional actor’s presentation, and it turned out beautifully. I would recommend Dr. Schaefer’s services to anyone. I have heard NOTHING but rave reviews about our web site, and, more importantly, it has become a major sales tool in our business. Dr. Joe is also a great guy, honest, responsive, does what he says he’ll do, and a pleasure to work with.”

“I will certainly recommend you folks”

“Thank you and I want to say you and your staff along with Scot have been extremely resourceful and customer oriented, just like us at Sunrise Premiums. If I need any thing I will let you know and certainly will recommend you folks.”

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