Web Marketing Momentum

What We Start Doesn't Stop

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    With SEO changing so drastically, PPC has become the most reliable source for qualified traffic once again. PPC is the perfect data-driven method to pay only when you get the traffic.

  • Promotional Videos

    Promotional Videos

    We offer a turn-key process for making your promotional, or sales video. We can create 3D animation of your logo, motion graphics, actor/voice over talent and scripting assistance.

  • Spokesperson Video

    Spokesperson Video

    We have the most talented and professional actors you will find available on the internet. Our short, concise and action oriented scripts often double or triple website conversion rates..

  • Pre-Roll Video Ads

    Pre-Roll Video Ads

    Imagine broadcasting your video commercial to the exact postal codes around your business, or across your entire city or state. You will know exactly how many people watched the entire video and who clicked and visited your site.

  • SEO


    Search Engine Optimization has changed more in the last 6 to 12 months than in the previous 15 years. If you have not had a fresh up to date look at your site's SEO, then you might slip quickly into search obscurity.

  • Conversion Consulting

    Conversion Consulting

    Fifty percent of your website success comes from the conversion rate for your site. In other words, do your visitors take action or bounce from the site without action?

Strategic Web Marketing

Virtual Spokesperson Partners      When you use video marketing to sell your services or products online, there are three key components that make or break your success. The pieces of this puzzle are website traffic, website design, and website conversion. If you fail to integrate or include any of these three pieces you will certainly not reach your highest levels of success.

To create online video marketing success, you must integrate these three components and be ready to alter and change them to match your market. You can think of these three key elements as three mirrors that are used to direct a powerful laser light to a target. If any of the three mirrors are out of alignment, little or no light reaches the target. It takes trial and error to align those mirrors in your website. You need to find and grab the qualified visitors, give them the appropriate message and then provide a clear and compelling path toward taking action. We call this entire strategy SEARCH TO SALE™. It describes our integrated approach to achieving results online.

The SEARCH TO SALE™ Approach

A business owner can find all of these elements provided by different vendors, but the most powerful secret is finding the one smart team that understands the entire video marketing picture and builds a sophisticated web profit machine. Imagine you had hired an SEO company to get you traffic. They get paid and congratulated when they get you onto google page one. They don’t get paid if that traffic converts, just show when it shows up at your door. Our methodology is different. We integrate the sales message and strategy in your search engine ads and listing, the website content, video scripts, lead conversion offerings and follow up messages. In the process of researching your message, your ideal visitor and the method we’ll use to convert them to a lead or sale, we uncover the perfect sales message to display in the Google organic listing to draw the right people. Next we sculpt the content and headers of the home page to confirm they have arrive at the right place and make a perfect match with the search engine marketing. The spokesperson video auto-plays and covers the most critical issues in the visitor’s mind and recommends the ideal “next action” in the site. The conversion mechanism offers a compelling asset or reason for the visitor to become a lead or customer based upon the original search term and Google listing description. No do you understand why this entire process needs to be under one roof, under the control of a single team of experts?

A website strategy created by 3 or 4 different vendors CANNOT compete with the integrated strategy called SEARCH TO SALE™.

"Finally, an SEO firm that is ACTION-ORIENTED and DELIVERS results. Motiliti has taken us from the shadows to the spotlight - with significant improvement in our web lead generation, organic search rank, page rank and PPC campaign optimization. They are easy to work with and quick to respond."
Kelli Click
- President, SDIRA Services

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