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Motiliti is a digital and web marketing agency in Austin, Texas founded in 2008. We leverage every possible digital marketing service to create a custom solution that generates ROI and leads to your online success. With hundreds of digital marketing tactics in the marketplace, there may only be a few that are optimum for your business, message and industry. Selecting which services to use will make or break your online web marketing results. This is why a custom solution is a smart choice and Motiliti is a team of smart people working to solve your web marketing challenges.

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5-Point Website Audit

Research alternate traffic sources for your website
Find video marketing sources of traffic
Find display ad sources of traffic
Find Social media sources of traffic
Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assessment of your website
Review the effectiveness of your homepage as a “landing page”
Identify the existing conversion path through your site
Identify the “persona voice” of your site


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1-There are many different potential sources of traffic on the internet. If you have been sitting around praying for SEO and organic ranking to make your dreams come true, you could be missing out on the traffic that could transform your business int he next 24 hours.

2-The SEO game has changed dramatically in the past 3 years. There are no tricks left, websites need to have at least 30 pages of good quality content and be structured for SEO success.

3- Landing pages have 4 basic requirements and must meet two critical time-dependent needs.

4-What are you currently asking your visitors to do in your website? What should you be asking them to do?

5-There are at least 4 different types of personalities that will visit your site and they are each attracted to different links and pages. Most people design their sites for their own personality only, leaving the other three types un-motivated to engage.


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