Video Spokesperson

Does Autoplay Video Annoy Visitors, And Should You Care?

READ THIS before putting video in your site. The number one concern about using a video spokesperson is the “annoyance factor”. Here’s my advice to business owners losing sleep over the worry about annoying people on the internet. Immediately dismantle your website and stop all further advertising of any kind. I’m sure that your ads [...]

Video Spokesperson and the Golden Age of Advertising

When you sit down to write your video script for your onsite actor, you need to realize that your web visitor doesn’t want to see a video, listen to a greeting, hear about your company, or be sold to. They want to quietly slip in and out of your site. They want to quickly find [...]

Spokesperson or Salesperson

Spokesperson or Salesperson The use of a spokesperson has been a well-documented tactic in advertising. The proper spokesperson can help with the emotional triggers of identification and establish brand credibility instantly. In the online world, the use of a video spokesperson on a website is not the same use in any way. The video spokesperson [...]

Don’t Use A Video Spokesperson

One of the most abused words of the past 20 years (since the dawn of the internet) is the word “research”. Having personally earned my Doctorate in Neurophysiology, it is offensive to have the same word used by somebody just reading opinion and non-reviewed stories on the internet. I hear people say everyday, “I researched [...]