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Virtual Spokesperson by Live On Page®

Live On Page® virtual spokesperson videos are a cost-effective marketing booster and can double or triple lead conversions rates. We provide the most professional selection of screen and voice actors, scripting consultation and installation. Our full service approach means you are buying a web revenue generating machine, not just a video. Site owners use spokesperson video to make a site more human, approachable, clear, compelling and distinct from competitor sites.

Includes ActorProduction includes the use of our in-house talent cast. Our professionals can be found on major market news stations and national TV commercials.
Script WritingOur team of script writers have written thousands of video scripts for clients over the years. We can craft the perfect message for your video.
InstallationMotiliti will help you install your new Live On Page® spokesperson video and set play behaviors and click throughs.

Virtual Spokesperson And Web Video

Can increase lead conversion rates over 200%

Can increase visit duration

Can increase the number of pages visited

In 2016:

Video on landing pages can increase conversions up to 80%

Companies using web video increase year to year revenue 49% over other companies.

40% of consumers say that video increases their desire to purchase.

There are a few guiding rules that can really make or break its effectiveness. The most critical features of the video, is the script and website spokesperson talent.

The actor must read the script, but sound like they are speaking their own words, not something written. This sounds fundamental and obvious, but nothing could be more difficult. This kind of skill requires years of experience and most walk on video companies do not seek out this type of experienced actor for budgetary reasons. Live On Page has auditioned and rejected hundreds of actors to find the 20 or so walk on virtual spokespersons you’ll find in the this site.

Scripting Is Everything

The script can be the absolutely most critical element of a walk on video. The human brain is designed to predict and ignore. If incoming sensory information matches what is predicted, your brain pays less attention to that input, choosing instead to look for other, more novel input. Therefore, the walk on website video script should engage the visitor by stating their needs and the website’s features in a “less-than-predictable” way. The script must avoid clichés, ad-speak, hyperbole and typical greetings, like the plague.

The worst imaginable script sounds like this; “Welcome to our website. Please take your time and browse around. There’s a lot of information here. If you have questions give us a call.”

This part of a script took 8 seconds to read and if most visitors bounce between 5-10 seconds, do you really want to take that time to say what they already expected you to say? They will bounce from watching your advertising videos and website with a script like this.

Video Spokesperson Talent

Video Spokesperson Recording in front of Green ScreenIf you have an international audience you can select from our International Talent cast. Many of these actors are multi-lingual and can bring you that professional global credibility. We are the only spokesperson company in the industry offering actual recognizable entertainment and sports celebrity spokesperson for hire on your website. Imagine what will happen with your credibility when your visitor sees that you have a recognizable celebrity “pitching” for you. This instantly moves you above every competitor you have. It gives implied endorsement since they wouldn’t appear on your website without.