Marketing Company

Motiliti began working with a client who wanted to update and modernize their website. The intent was to create an experience for the visitors that demonstrates the client’s modern marketing techniques. Providing additional prestige and informative content, visitors are guided through the website content to allow them to make the best decision.


Web Design

Current Design Techniques

Motiliti implemented more modern design techniques while providing a face-lift for the client's website. Color patterns, typography, and user eye patterns were incorporated into all aspects of the initial design stages. Site layout was optimized to engage the user through animations, images, video, and written content.


Motiliti made excellent use of video to tell a story and relay the brand to the user. Video is an engaging form of content that improves time on site for every visitor.

Focused Content

Motiliti provided a content pattern to lead the visitor to the path best suited for their needs. Incorporating Motiliti's proprietary NeuroDigital Marketing techniques, the content was organized to convey to every visitor exactly what how the client can help them.