Pre-Roll Video

Motiliti's pre-roll videos have been proven to increase sales and leads at an extraordinary rate.

Pre-Roll Videos are the Online Equivalent to Broadcast TV Commercials

4 Ways Pre-Roll Video is a Game Changer

It is an absolute fact that video is the most powerful communication channel on the internet. As the US public shifts to the internet for their information and entertainment (more each day), they become less reachable by traditional means of advertising. Depending on your target demographic, your entire audience might be impossible to reach without a digital marketing strategy. In traditional advertising TV is both the most expensive and most powerful form of advertising. Pre-Roll video is the internet version of that and it gives the business owner the transparency and targeting of the rest of digital media. We have helped national retailers and local businesses target the zip codes around their shops. This is the power of Pre Roll video.

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Geo and Behavioral

These commercials can show up only in the zip codes you choose. We can target demographic groups and different “in-market” audiences. For example, if you want to reach ONLY board members of corporations with your commercial, we can get a data list to access those people.

Frequency Capping

Pre-roll advertisers can set the precise frequency of viewing so that their audience isn’t annoyed by the message. This also allows for REACH to be extended as impressions aren’t wasted on annoying viewers with too many repeat impressions.

Complete Transparency

Pre-roll video advertising allows you to know exactly how many times your video was viewed, by how many people, how many times it was watched to completion, what sites it played on, and what geographic areas it was watched in.

Clicks Through to Website

If you see something interesting on a TV commercial, you can’t click and visit the website. Pre-roll commercials can have interactive overlays that allow the viewer to click and return to your website when they are interested.

Why Use Pre-Roll Video In Your Marketing Campaigns?

Pre-Roll video is among the most effective marketing techniques available today. Here are a few reasons why it is so effective:

Everyone watches videos online

The ads show up right where the customer is looking on the page

The Videos are clickable and will go straight to your website

The ads will only play for the people most likely to buy your product or service

With pre-roll video we get YOUR MESSAGE in front of the YOUR CUSTOMER at the RIGHT TIME. We can PINPOINT TARGET specific types of people in specific locations. Our targeting methods can include things like what zip code your customers they live in, their age, whether they are parents and even their buying habits and more.

Pre-Roll Video Client Results

Large National Retailer

Pre-roll video results in helping to increase sales and promote the brand

A pre-roll campaign produced increases in sales in brick and mortar locations as well as e-commerce. A post campaign online survey showed that people who had seen the ad were 27% more likely to remember the brand’s name and 13% more inclined to purchase items in that category.

Small Local Business

Example results from Pre-Roll video and remarketing in increasing lead generation

A small local fitness club with two outlets used their website to gather leads to make follow-up calls and appointments. They ran pre-roll video in the two zip codes closest to their locations, targeting their most likely age and behavioral demographic. In the first month alone, they noticed a six fold increase in leads coming from those specific zip codes. The increase was only from those zip codes and not from the rest of the city.

Example Pre-Roll Videos From Motiliti