SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Generating traffic is the lifeblood of any digital property and your path to future success.

SEO, Paid Search, Display, and Social Media Traffic Services

Unless your site gets enough traffic, you stand very little chance of generating business from the internet. The big question is always, “how to get more web traffic?“ The old-school measures of your advertising success were things like “reach” and “frequency”. Welcome to the new world where the number one factor deciding your future success on the Internet is your page content.

Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a big part of any SEO strategy. Our goal when we perform keyword research is to find the most profitable keywords for your business. Once we narrow down your keywords we can begin optimizing pages in your website to begin ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing content that is relevant and valuable to your customers. Motiliti excels in creating content that will help boost traffic to your site which will result in greater sales. Let our team of web marketing specialists help grow your business.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is an SEO strategy that involves editing and optimizing elements on a webpage for the sake of improving your site’s position in search rankings. This includes modifying HTML tags, URLs, meta descriptions/titles, creating internal links and much more.

Off Page Optimization

Creating links to your website from other powerful sites is a powerful SEO strategy that can really boost your presence in the search engines. We understand where and how to get these links for your site. Google has strict rules concerning off page SEO, but lucky for our customers, Motiliti Inc is Google certified.

SEO Audit

We can perform an in-depth SEO audit for your business for FREE! The audit will cover every issue that hinders your website from ranking and performing well in Google. This audit will give us the information we need to create a unique marketing strategy for your business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

If you have a traditional brick and mortar type of business then you need to focus on local SEO. Our local SEO strategies ensure that you will get a listing on sites like Yelp, Google places and other local review sites. If your customers search for your service/product in the city where your business is located, then we can ensure that your business will pop up in the search results.

  • Find Out Our Exact Rates and Get A FREE SEO Website Audit

    We want you to know that a real person will be looking at your site, your competitors and your ranking in google. This is not an automated process and for this reason you should look for our report to take a few hours to complete. 
Free SEO Audit showing overall grade, competitive analysis, and keyword research graphics

Let Motiliti Inc, an Austin based SEO company, help you to achieve your business goals. With our experience and team of digital marketing gurus, we can ensure that your business will have a presence online and your potential customers will be able to find your business when they search online.

SEO is About Making Your Site The Best

The only SEO that still works requires actual effort by people who can actually speak and write for Humans to read and consume. The old days of out-sourcing to a crew of over-seas laborers are over. One of our clients, Happy Tree Service of Austin, experienced this first hand when moving from national SEO firms to our team of detail-oriented individuals. Motiliti was able to succeed where these national firms failed by following the current model of SEO.

These days, there is one over-riding rule. Write the content for real humans to read, and build the website with the best structure that provides the best user experience. Just like the advertising message that get the best results, the website structure and content is built for your user, not you. This single controlling principle is still the most difficult step for owners to follow.

Red text spelling 1st Class with red box
Gray bars and a red bar chart trending upward

Consistent Work Is The Key To Success

So you are now comfortable with the concept of constant and never-ending improvements to your website, but this work MUST be directed and not random. The most critical step of any SEO campaign is to research the search terms that get the most traffic and have the most and least competition. Once you have this list to work from, you can design the website content to address and center around these terms. This comes from the principle in the previous paragraph. This is subjugating your own story to the story that the clients are looking for. This is letting your marketplace determine what you say and how you say it. This simple act of subjugating your own desires is often too difficult for a business owner. When put to this test, you can often see that they would rather fail than change their story.