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When you are planning your website video project, there are 3 key components to consider. If you “drop the ball” on any of these you might in fact, hurt your credibility instead of boosting it.

Web Actors and Other Web Talent
Everybody is talking about needing video for their website as if they are adding a generic gadget or widget to impress their visitors. Remember if all website start having video, then visitors are no longer impressed by your site having video. They will only be impressed by how good the video is. This starts with the best talent your budget can get. This actor will be representing you to online world. Do you really want to go with a cheap solution as your first impression.

Web Video Scripting

You wouldn’t spend money on a national TV spot and write the script yourself. You would hire somebody who has written thousands of scripts. Why would this step be any different than any other part of life. There is a skill and expertise to writing scripts and unless you are a paid script-writer, DON’T WRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPT.

Web Video Production Value

If you are creating an edited piece like an explainer video or web commercial with graphics and animation, you should count on paying a higher price to get something that your are proud to show. If you go cheap you will always make excuses for the video and eventually pull it from the site. The best money you can spend is

*Our performance guarantee applies to in-house talent only.