Web Design

Motiliti uses the science of online persuasion to ensure your website is designed to perfectly generate and capture leads for your business.

Motiliti Websites Are Built Using The Science of Persuasion

Our web designs are meant to achieve increased leads and sales for your online business. We incorporate conversion science, action triggers and language to attract different visitor personas.

Website Refresh

Motiliti can give your site a “facelift” and create a new conversion strategy that turns visitors into leads. We tap into over 30 differnet psychological triggers to encourage lead and sale conversion.

Functional Design

Motiliti adheres to a ``form follows function`` design plan. Unless your website generates leads and sales it is of very little use for your business development.

Science of Persuasion

Dr. Schaefer brings behavioral science, cognitive science and psychological to the table when he works on your website. You will not find a more scientific approach.

Some Of Our Designs

Persuasive Web Design

Your sure-fire way to generate more leads, stand out from the crowd, and propel your business to new heights.

Scientific Design Approach

Dr. Joe Schaefer employs his training in Neuroscience and combines it with years of experience in digital marketing to ensure every website constructed by Motiliti reaches the audience in the most effective means possible. By utilizing a persona-driven web design approach, you can rest assured that your website will inspire viewers to take action.

Strategic Planning

Motiliti's team of experienced professionals in the digital arena, gives your website an edge over the competition. The team, led by Dr. Joe Schaefer, employs scientific concepts intended to optimize your website in a way that greatly increases the user interaction rate for each page they visit.

Design To Personas

Dr. Schafer's work in Neurscience allows Motiliti to tailor your website's design to the various human personas that drive our decisions. By ensuring your website speaks to each of these personas, your website conveys your message in the most effective manner possible.

Agile Development

Your business is a constantly evolving entity. You must be flexible enough to know when to change direction mid-stream. You website is no different. Motiliti's development team uses an agile methodology in each of its website designs to allow for maximum flexibility and change without hampering the development process.


Where many agencies get it wrong, is creating the website for the business owner and not for the user. Motiliti incorporates action-oriented techniques that inspire your website visitors to take the desired action. Whether this is buying a product, providing information, or making a call, Motiliti knows the exact steps to take that will ensure actions on the user's part.

Current Technology

Today's technology changes at a rate that is difficult to keep up with, if you are not constantly on your toes. At Motiliti, our team is made up of those who live and breathe technology. They are up-to-date with current trends and advancements that are integral in ensuring your website will be on the forefront of the technical climate.