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Motiliti’s Experience, Integrity and Expertise Made The Difference

“In my over 40 years of business experience, and as a recognized leader in my profession and industry, I have never before experienced such dedication and support in a marketing agency. They were an endless source of breakthrough ideas that reinvented our entire online approach and increased sales double digit every year.”

Marke Hambley, CEO
NexGen Hearing with 50 Location in B.C. Canada.

STOP Flushing Your Marketing Dollars

There are so many digital marketing tactics to choose from. However, 95% of them will only FLUSH your marketing dollars down the drain. Lots of companies are anxious to sell these platforms and tactics to you but only a few are actually the RIGHT choices for your budget, goals and industry.

The marketing strategy at Motiliti is lead by Dr. Joe Schaefer. He is a published Neuroscientist with a PhD from The University of Texas in Behavioral Neurophysiology. He combines this hardcore science background with the experience of working with over 500 small to medium sized business clients on web marketing. For almost a decade he generated over 100K leads per year for his clients.

Motiliti is an Austin SEO agency & Digital Marketing team that relies on metrics and data to make decisions for our clients. Digital marketing in Texas is very competitive as it is a hotbed of technology and innovation. We are also an Austin PPC agency (Google premier partner) and we manage campaigns with high ROI. Motiliti educates business owners and develop marketing plans that make the best use of digital media. We have been a Digital marketing agency in Austin for 10 years and have served over 500 different clients. Our track record is clear. We leveraged digital marketing to generate over half a million web leads for our clients.

Transforming Your Digital Marketing

Modern digital online marketing requires the ability to understand data and the ability to hypothesize and test strategies against each other. Our Austin, TX online marketing company was co-founded by an actual neuroscientist, Joseph Schaefer, PhD, who published research on the neural origins of behavior. You will not find an SEO or PPC management service with a more strategic and intelligent team of SEO experts with which to collaborate on your next Austin digital marketing campaign.

Co-Founders Scott Martin and Joe Schaefer, PhD

We Are A Google Premier Agency

Motiliti is a full service Austin Digital Marketing agency with a 10 year track record achieving measurable breakthrough results for clients across North America. At Motiliti we have worked for over 500 individual clients in the past decade and captured over 500,000 leads to increase their sales.

  • Premier Google Adwords Agency (top 3% of all Google partners)
  • Search Engine Optimization Experts For 10 Years
  • Display Programmatic Ads
  • Lead Conversion Optimization
  • Website Design and Refresh

Motiliti Digital Process

SEO Agency in Austin, TX

Motiliti is an SEO Agency founded in Austin 2008. We leverage every possible digital marketing service to create a custom web marketing solution. We focus on ROI measured in leads and calls to your online success. With hundreds of digital marketing tactics in the marketplace, there may only be a few that are optimum for your business, message and industry. Selecting which services to use will make or break your online web marketing results. This is why a custom solution is a smart choice and Motiliti is an Austin SEO & PPC company with a team of smart people working to solve your web marketing challenges.

SEO and PPC for Traffic and Data Science for Conversion

Web marketing success relies on mastering only two elements. A website must have sufficient web traffic the comes from organic traffic (SEO) and paid search traffic (PPC). Social media might also be part of a website’s traffic strategy depending on the target demographic and industry. Once visitors are in the website, site design and conversion strategy helps turn them into leads, calls and sales. If a website has traffic or conversion alone then there will only be limited success. This is why the team the Austin SEO team at Motiliti looks at digital marketing holistically. We address web marketing issues as both traffic and conversion challenges.

Web Presence Needs “Search To Sale” Strategy

As and Austin SEO Company we offer a full suite of digital marketing services that drives traffic and interest to your brand and website. We have worked for 10 years building websites and helping with digital marketing as well as produce video spokesperson footage. As an Austin Web Design firm, we focus on conversion consulting and leverage conversion science, in-house produced video marketing and automated drip marketing to convert those visitors to leads and sales. When you place the entire strategy from Search To Sale in the hands of a single agency, you get the most powerful impact from your web marketing efforts. The message and strategy has cohesion from the digital ads and media all the way to the last page of the website and follow up emails.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Motiliti has really helped me bring immediate attention to our newest product, “Hush Weighted Blankets””

Scott Amis, Hush Weighted Blanket

“Scott Martin and the pros at Motiliti took our 15 year old, outdated website and turned it into a state-of-the-art platform to market my company and our products worldwide. I’ve received numerous compliments from customers about the new look and in no time began receiving quote requests from potential customers from around the world. Their SEO report is showing a dramatic increase in visits to our new site while they continue to “tweak” the content and make suggestions on how to improve it further. Choosing to work with Motiliti is one of the best marketing decisions I’ve made. I have and will continue to recommend the Motiliti team. Thanks!”

Chris Schnoor, Downhole Tools

“The results Motiliti has produced for our groups of companies speaks far louder than any testimonial. In my over 40 years of business experience, and as a recognized leader in my profession and industry, I have never before experienced such dedication and support in a web marketing agency.”

Marke Hambley, NexGen Hearing Aids Vancouver

“I have been working with Motiliti for 5 years and they always do what they say they’ll do. I appreciate their honesty and hard work — and they always get results for our Arborist Austin services.”

Evan P. Austin Tree Service

“We completely dominate on page one with as many as 4 listings showing up on the same page”

Sheryl S. Tai Chi School 


“Motiliti has made a huge difference in the online visibility of our 60+ locations.”

Amy Addiction Treatment Center


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Lori Carter
Lori Carter
16:06 02 May 18
Dr. Joseph Schaefer and his incredible team took us out of the shadows and into the light with a brand new web site and SEO package. We have a very successful business, but we did not have a web site that projected that great image or that helped us gain any customers off the internet. But we do now! Motiliti designed and implemented the entire site with minimal efforts or time from our staff. Every person we worked with at Motiliti was super helpful and a joy to partner with. Thank you. Lori Carter, Carter's Country Outdoor Stores
Wendy Nolin
Wendy Nolin
17:47 16 Mar 17
Joe's application of behavioral psychology to websites is Motiliti's secret sauce. I've hired other web marketing companies to build and upgrade websites in the past. They were good, but they were formulaic; nothing special. Joe has a unique gift that I've never come across in the crowded web marketing space. In the two short months since Motiliti overhauled and upgraded my site, I've had a phenomenal response. These folks are truly visionary and unprecedented in maximizing the conversions of visitors to buyers on a website. I now recommend Joe and the Motiliti team exclusively to all the business owners whom I coach.
Steve Shire
Steve Shire
18:36 10 Aug 16
I would recommend utilizing Motiliti for web based businesses that need an inside tract on how things really work in the Google world , Joe Schaefer is very experienced and easy to work with, he provides me with no frills advice on how to move my business up to the next level.
Bob Brown
Bob Brown
02:58 27 Jul 16
The pros at Motiliti are digital marketing experts. Top quality production and amazing, fast results. I use them for all my web marketing projects.
Alex Myers
Alex Myers
15:44 02 May 18
Novus World Builder
Novus World Builder
15:12 30 Sep 19
I predict this business being valued in the millions one day. The people here work hard to achieve YOUR goals, and are extremely good at what they do. If you need a digital banner on the highway of the internet, Motiliti is the business for you.
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How Does SEO Work?

The most common challenge I face in helping clients with SEO is the disconnect between the content of their website their desire to rank for long lists of various keywords. Business owners often present a wish list of keywords to their SEO provider. They believe it is still 2008 and we can put that list into a “meta keyword” section of a site. Then like Wallstreet stock traders an SEO magically presents this list to Google in just the right way. This stems from a myth that there are hidden coding elements of every website that hold the keys to ranking for everything you want.


Ranking with Content


I am going to present you with a simple equation to think about. Take the number of keywords you want to rank for and divide that number by two. This is the number of pages you will need filled with 800 or so words of good content about those keywords. You might be able to group the keywords together into related pairs and devote one page to each pair. However, If you are really interested in a few in particular, then devote one page to each of those keywords. This is what Google wants to see and is based on deliver the best search results to users.


These rules make sense if you stop to consider them. Google is saying that if you deserve to be listed on page one, it is because you are presenting the user with the richest and deepest content about the search term. This is why the new saying of SEO is “content is king”. Basically if you offer 5 major services then you should have 5 unique pages in your site, each devoted to one of the services with 800 to 1000 words of well written content. If there are less popular “long tail” searches about those services then you can group a few of those and write entire pages about those keywords. Google rewards this type of specificity.


What is a Long Tail Keyword?


People mistakenly think the term “long tail” refers to the length of the actual phrase, but this is incorrect. It actually comes from the statistical world and describes the shape of a standard statistical distribution. As you move along the x-axis away from the median of the data the curve drops down to near zero but continues often at a very low value creating a “long tail”. In terms of search keywords it refers to the search strings that are less often used but still significant enough to generate traffic for your site.


Page Rank Sculpting


There actually are some hidden coding tactics left. There is one that manages the way that a magical property called “page rank” moves through a link from one page to another online. This is named for one of the founders of Google (Larry Page) and is a virtual property of a page determined by what other pages link to that page and what pages link to those pages. Only higher authority pages can lift your page with a backlink. By understanding the pagerank principles we can make link structure decisions in a website that can channel and move pagerank to the more competitive content to help rank higher in tougher environments.


Achieving Success with SEO


In general SEO success is achieved by adhering strictly to many small “best practice” rules for page setup, link structure and content writing. It is like lining up several mirrors so that a laser light will bounce off of them all to reach the end of the sequence. If all the mirrors are slight “off” then the laser light doesn’t make the journey.

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Motiliti handles each and every digital marketing step from the point when a prospect starts searching for your product, to their journey through their website, their conversion to a lead or sale and then the follow up marketing video email and re-marketing ads.

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