About Motiliti

Motiliti uses the findings of neuroscience and psychology to increase persuasion in every web marketing campaign.

Motiliti Takes A Scientific Approach To Web Marketing

Motiliti was founded in 2008 by Dr.  Joe Schaefer, Scott Martin and Bob Brown. After developing their own custom video spokesperson SAAS, building a green screen studio and collecting a pool of local talent, they served hundreds of clients in the following 2 years. Since 2010 Motiliti has expanded their service offering to include every aspect of web marketing, including search engine marketing and the digital marketing realm of programmatic advertising. Motiliti has created marketing campaigns for businesses of every size, from local small businesses to national firms with revenues over $1 Billion. The company has grown every year since it was founded and has out-lived more than 50 direct competitors and copy-cat online marketing companies in that time. They are full Google Premier Partners and Gold Certified in programmatic advertising in one of the biggest platforms in the world.

Motiliti embraces digital - hand drawing on tablet with pen
Embracing Digital

Motiliti is at the forefront of the technical revolution. Utilizing a wide array of cutting edge techniques, Motiliti is adept at capitalizing on the advantages the digital age has provided in marketing to the consumer.

Motiliti teamwork - meeting at a table
TeamWork & Family Culture

The staff at Motiliti are a close-knit group who work together in an environment that stimulates progress toward common goals. Effortlessly tapping into each other’s skills, the team at Motiliti is capable of surpassing client goals on each and every project.

Motiliti data - keyboard with paper, graphs, and pen
Data-Driven Creativity

Data and creativity are at the core of Motiliti’s methodology. Utilizing analytics and digital data, Motiliti’s staff are able to focus their enormous creativity in ways that have forged new paths to success for countless clients.

Our Skills & Expertise

Motiliti employs talent from a variety of fields who are experienced, creative, and passionate about their work. Our team of extraordinary individuals collaborate to create a whole that is greater than the individual parts.

The staff at Motiliti’s expertise in video, SEO, web design, and digital marketing allows Motiliti to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. Results don’t lie and Motiliti has proven, time and time again, that they produce positive results in every project undertaken.

Dr. Joe Schaefer’s Neuroscience training and methodology give Motiliti another advantage over the competition by providing the ability to delve into the minds of the target audience. This unique ability to “see” what the audience is thinking and predicting how they will react allows Motiliti to exceed even the most aggressive client goals.

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Co-Founder, Digital Media Strategist, Published Neuroscientist
Dr. Joe Schaefer, PhD

Dr. Joe Schaefer is a master strategist in the realm of digital marketing. He guides owners and teams to build well oiled sales or lead generation machines. He has a unique background. Dr. Joe is a published neuroscience researcher with a PhD from the University of Texas. He is also Master Joe, a seventh degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu. He started and oversees 10 full-time Kung Fu schools. As co-founder of his marketing agency Motiliti, Dr. Joe has personally worked with over 500 business owners in the digital marketing realm since 2002. He brings marketing, science, and coaching together into a step by step process to help business owners create a well oiled lead, or sales generating machine. His goal is to help business owners master the discipline of marketing to build solid, profitable businesses

Co-Founder, Motiliti Operations
Scott Martin

Scott is a former professional musician who appeared on “The Tonight Show,” assorted television specials and live venues worldwide with personalities such as Lynda Carter, Bob Hope, George Burns, and the Smothers Brothers. Multimedia interest led him to an internet startup in Boulder, CO and he began to explore web video. He was editor and composer on the documentary “Edge Dancing” a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2003. He has also created high-end multimedia projects for use by law firms in trial and mediation. In 2006, he started working to create the Live On Page delivery mechanism. Scott’s creative, aesthetic sense of the audio and visual media world is at the heart of Motiliti.

Digital Advertising Manager
Ben Newcomb

Ben has been marketing his own businesses online since 2009. He has a passion for getting businesses in front of their target markets using paid marketing methods. He is Google AdWords Certified and during his internet marketing career he initiated the development of a website platform that automatically reconfigured its pages to customize Facebook Like Pages. Ben handles all of our paid search accounts, totaling several millions of dollars of spend per year. He also manages our programmatic media placements and optimization for both local and national media campaigns.

Web Specialist
Chris Jones

Chris has been involved in various aspects of online development for the past five (5) years. These activities have included web development, management of a large intranet, affiliate marketing, content writing and content management, and search engine optimization (SEO). His passion for technology consistently motivates Chris to seek out and learn new techniques to further his knowledge in the online arena.

Founder, Media Consultant
Bob Brown

Bob is a business communication specialist whose every endeavor is focused on developing better ways to connect and engage with people that generate more attraction, action and sales. He spent 20 years in network TV, cable TV, radio and newspaper before Co-Founding Motiliti Inc. and his ad agency AdVerve. Bob brings a wealth of knowledge, relationships and experience to help our client partners’ media strategies earn large returns and win in a dynamic marketplace.

Traditional Media Director
Tatum Brown

Tatum Brown, Media Director (no relation to Bob) - has 16+ years media planning and buying experience in markets all across North America. As great as Tatum is with precise details and numbers, she is equally skilled in designing campaigns that speak with one voice across multiple media. Tatum is proficient with all the essential tools of her trade in ratings research and quantitative and qualitative audience segmentation. Before coming to AdVerve, Tatum worked at GSD&M, The Stanhope Group, ThinkStreet and Williams-Crawford where she worked on the AT&T, Walmart, Chili's, StemCite Family, Coca-Cola and DreamWorks Animation accounts.

Business Development, West Coast
Clifford Price

Clifford has been a keynote speaker at educational seminars for real estate professionals and accredited investors throughout America. His background includes extensive telecommunication, website applications, wireless and software technology, private placement real estate offerings and business development planning. He is a principal of SeaPrice Productions, Inc., which was founded in 1999 and has completed independent sales, marketing and business development consulting projects throughout North America, Taiwan, Japan and China. His creative and artistic side of life are elements he incorporates into every business model and concept.