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BEWARE: Digital Advertising Rate Loss Leaders

Digital Advertising Rate Loss Leaders We are all aware of a concept in the retail world called the “Loss Leader”. This is a product or service sold at near wholesale cost to attract customers into a store to buy other products that are sold at the store’s desired mark-up or even higher than reasonable rates. As a small business owner shopping for digital marketing services, you...

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Is Your Business In “The Zone”?

Is Your Business in the Killing Zone? In the competitive environment of sports each athlete has experienced how it feels to be in the “Zone”. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow described this state as a “Peak State” and discovered that it even carried mystical and religious elements within the experience. While athletes know that this peak zone is crucial to breakthrough performance, they often don’t understand...

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Are You Ready For The Web Marketing Battle?

How is digital marketing similar to fighting an opponent with Kung Fu? Dr. Schaefer Founded Motiliti, a PPC Agency in Austin From teaching Kung Fu for 30+ years, I can tell you the most significant enemy a person has in a fighting situation is their own mind. Our brain is the perfect learning and reflex machine and can deliver peak performance on a regular basis unless we allow...

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Black belt

What Belt Are You in the World Of Business?

You know the story, in fact, maybe you have lived it. You decide to start a business, you get your business cards that say you are the CEO and you are up and running. Then you get your first revenue, it is suddenly all real and possibly the best day of your life. However, in the grand scheme of things you are an absolute beginner,...

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Master Joe, Kung Fu Conversions

Kung Fu And Higher Conversion Rates

The ultimate lead conversion secret is that there is no single ultimate conversion secret. Each conversion strategy has to be as different as the core product itself. Just like martial arts, you cannot know precisely what your opponent will do, you can only accommodate to their attack and counter within the accommodation to create the smoothest and most certain victory. Since your countering strategy allows...

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Marketing is easy

Digital Marketing Is Easy

By Dr. Schaefer, co-founder of Motiliti, a PPC agency in Austin Prior to the internet, we pretty much called all forms of marketing exposure advertising. However, directories like the yellow pages were actually the first types of “Search marketing.” I remember when my business decided to drop the Yellow Pages in 2004. My yellow page rep warned me of the dire consequences. I, in turn, warned...

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Secret Sauce for Email

Secret Sauce For Writing Marketing Email Subject Lines

After ten years of email marketing, over 100,000 million emails later, one guiding principle emerges as the most important for getting emails opened. However, getting emails opened is only the first hurdle in your email marketing race. Of course, your prospects will need to read the email (at least the headline) and then click to take action. Finally, they arrive at some landing page or...

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SEO Hack

SEO Hacks That Work Miracles

One of the most important SEO hacks involves controlling the way that “link juice” flows in your website. Link juice is the term SEO people use to refer to how Domain Authority moves through a link from one page to another. One of the most important concepts about Domain Authority (DA) is that each page on the internet is measured for DA as a separate...

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Here Comes the End of Digital Marketing

Have you ever heard that old joke, what do Chinese people call Chinese Food? The answer is they call it “food.” In other words, digital marketing will be “gone” from our lexicon because we will just refer to it as “marketing” since it will dwarf all other efforts.   The channel will disappear from the conversation as our marketing integrates seamlessly across every possible online touch point...

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SEO in 2018

How SEO Has Changed For 2018

The first thing that's different about 2018 than previous years is mobile, mobile, mobile.  You need to be 100% mobile ready. Make sure your website is a hundred percent ready to go.  Anything that's on your desktop site needs to be live on your mobile site.  You need to have fast page speed. You need to be thinking about how users want to interact with...

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SEO dice roll

Why You Need SEO and How To Pick an Expert

Whether your website is established with a long history on the internet or brand new out of the box, you need to understand SEO in order to be found by the audience you hope to reach.   The vast majority of all online experiences begin with a search and the majority of those searches are in Google. First, it is an absolute fact that less than half...

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7 Deadly Sins of SEO and Online Marketing

Don’t Let The SEO Trap Catch You The SEO trap happens when you are using techniques and strategies that worked even a year ago. The Seo stuff that was tried and true a few years ago would send you to page ten or worse now. The trap is thinking that things never change and that all the SEO whistle-blowers are worried for no reason. Real SEO Takes...

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