Case Studies

Your SEO Success is Predicted by Your Domain Authority (1-100)

Domain Authority is a quantitative measure of your website’s authority or power. SEO superstars, Moz, developed the metric. A common misconception is that Domain Authority is a single factor that affects your Google ranking. However, in actual fact, Domain Authority is based on a number of factors that allow Moz to calculate the overall strength of your website. We can then use this to predict how well your website will rank in the search engines. The calculation is scored on a 100-point logarithmic scale, and takes into account over 40 different signals including link data, age, popularity and size as well as spam and trust scores.



Domain Authority Graph
Domain Authority Growth

Grow Your Domain Authority

Very few SEO Companies actually work on Domain Authority and make significant changes. Without this critical off-site work, a website can only see minor changes in rank and traffic. Most SEO companies do work that is what a typical FREE wordpress plugin can also do. Motiliti works on Domain Authority for our clients, which provides the rocket fuel to change the trajectory for their Google ranking future.

Client Case Studies

Below you will find a number of our client’s case studies. These case studies are from actual clients of ours who have experienced tremendous growth due to the work Motiliti has done for their companies. Motiliti drove increased traffic, improved Domain Authority, and overall greatly exceeded client expectations. Although the below examples are impressive, we have similarly impacted innumerable businesses in their digital marketing efforts.

National Retailer

125 Outlets in 5 States

Double Digit Sales Increase | Increase in Brand Recognition | Improved Intent to Purchase

National Retailer Graph

Motiliti Strategy

Consult and collaborate on direct response/branding campaign for Christmas holiday

Consult on mechanisms to turn interested prospects into registered users and list members

Produce pre-roll video commercial spots

Produce radio spots

Motiliti Methods

Direct response ads

Pre-roll video commercials

Display ads


Facebook advertising


Year to year double digit sales increase

Verified change in viewer ``intent to purchase``

Increase in brand recognition in each market

35 million combined impressions

SEO Case Study

Retail Hearing Aid Chain

50+ Stores

1000% Traffic Increase | Over 200 Searches on Page One of Google | 10x leads

Hearing Aid Chain Growth Chart

Search ranking growth over three years of Motiliti work

Marke Hambley Headshot

I Have Never Seen This High Level Of Service

“In 30+ years of business I have never seen the level of dedication and service provided by the team at Motiliti. They are responsible for 60% year to year growth when our industry is only growing by a fraction of that.”

Thank Motiliti, Marke Hambley, Nexgen Hearing


National search engine dominance

Digital marketing dominance

Dominant brand recognition

Motiliti Strategy

Create new website

Collaborate to create new lead conversion strategy for web traffic

Transform SEO and Paid Search strategy

Dominate with national and local SEO work

Utilize PPC, SEO and Remarketing


Traffic increased over 1000% over three years

PPC click costs were reduced by half which doubled the reach of their budget

There was a 6 fold lead conversion increase

Same store sales increase by double digits year after year.

The company brand name is recognized through their entire market

SEO Case Study

Financial Advisor

300% Traffic Increase | Most Important Searches Now On Page One | 4x Leads

Google Analytics Graph

Almost 300% Traffic Increase in Two Months

Dick Van Dyke

You Guys Got Me On Page One!

“Incredible Work Motiliti, – “Annuity Rates” has risen to No. 4 on Google Page 1 and all other ancillary keywords have also risen dramatically!!! My referral conversion rate has increased from about 2% to about 6%. That’s an increase from 15 referrals to 60+ and the quality of the referrals has greatly improved too.”

Grateful, Dick Van Dyke, Annuity Guys


Dramatically increase traffic to website

Drive national brand presence

Increase number of referral conversions from web traffic

Motiliti Strategy

Consult and collaborate on website conversion strategy

Consult on conversion path through site and follow up strategy for leads

Adjust link structure and SEO coding of website content

Begin major link building campaign and Domain Authority growth

Optimized PPC Campaign

Motiliti Methods

On-site SEO

Off-site SEO

Landing page/website conversion assessment

Content marketing


More than 400 more web visitors per day

Page one ranking for the first time for major search terms - nationally

A 4 fold increase in numbers of referral leads from webs traffic

SEO Case Study

Professional Service Company

Dramatically Improved Reputation in Google Search

Negative Results Chart


Deemphasize negative news articles

Move negative results down page

Increase positive results about company

Increase number of neutral results to dilute the negative impact

Challenge of Reputation Management (RM)


Reputation management requires that a company have complete mastery of every single SEO tool. You have to be able to boost every possible result on the page to displace or lower the rank of the negative search results. This is essentially like SEO on five or more properties simultaneously.

Motiliti Methods

On-site SEO

Off-site SEO

Content marketing


Dramatically pushed down three negative search results on page one of Google