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Episode Four: Pay Per Click Advertising

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This week we will talk about Pay Per Click advertising and the biggest business killing myth in web marketing. For the past eight years here at Motiliti, an unbelievable numbers business owners have voiced their desire to get free traffic on the internet. In fact, their business models didn’t include a budget to bring traffic cause they are expecting that to just happen on its own.


I can tell you with 1000% certainty that if you don’t have an advertising budget, then you don’t have a business. You have a hobby. There is no such thing as free traffic, it’s a myth passed around by people who are NOT business owners.


So starting with the assumption that you will have to pay “x” amount to acquire each and every new client, I can tell you with the same 1000% certainty that pay per click advertising is a fantastic way to get a reliable amount of traffic, leads and clients.


Will it require testing and adjustments to get a consistent conversion rate for that traffic? Of course it will. This the same web marketing myth in another package – If you build a website, people read what you wrote and scramble to be your client.If your average client is worth $500 to you, then you should expect to spend $50 to $100 to get that client. Unfortunately, many business owners see the Pay Per Click bill from Google for hundreds of dollars and they freak out. It’s not Google’s fault that your website can’t turn those visitors to clients.


Paid search advertising is one of the most powerful advertising methods in history and you should be leveraging it to grow your business now. See you next time when we discuss some Pay Per Click case studies and numbers.

Two Minutes About Pay Per Click Advertising

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