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Motiliti Marketing Minute

Episode Three: Preroll Advertising

This week for the Motiliti Marketing Minute, we are going to dive deeper on the pre-roll videos. I am just going to admit right up front that it’s going to be about 2 minutes long, hope you can forgive me. Regardless of what other kind of web marketing you might be doing, pre-roll advertising is unlike all other web marketing tactics. While banner ads are ignored more than ever before, pre-roll cannot be ignored easily. It interrupts the online video you were getting ready to watch and it appears exactly where your viewers eyes are aimed. It is video and so it carries much of the same power that TV does.


Then using some web 2.0 technology you can limit the number of times a unique viewer will see your commercial on a daily basis. This allows you to extend the reach of the campaign without hitting some people 10 times a day.


At the end of the day you end up knowing exactly how many people watched your complete commercial, from which location and you can cookie them to target that group with follow up advertising or different commercials in a sequence.


Demographic and behavioral targeting is amazing in this realm. For example you might want to target women with children between the ages 6-12 years old, but only in 3 zip codes around your brick and mortar location. You can do this with pre-roll advertising and spend exactly as little or as much as your budget allows.


If you need to reach a new, larger audience and grow your business to the next level, pre-roll video has all the power of TV advertising, but with targeting and tracking never before possible and remember if they like what they can see, they can click on that commercial and come straight to your website. Try that with TV advertising.


Pre-roll video advertising reaches an audience in the awareness part of the sales funnel, then your remarketing campaigns and search marketing ads move them into the purchase part of the funnel.


Next marketing minute we will talk about Pay Per Click basics. I will smash the one internet myth that will forever hold your business back.

Two Minutes About Preroll Advertising and How You Can Reach A Vast Audience

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