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Motiliti Marketing Minute

Episode Two: Digital Media Basics?

The concepts behind advertising are very simple. Lets say I ask you to name as many sodas as possible. You might be able to name 10 or so without trying to hard, even though there might actually be 50 or so sodas distributed in your area.  Getting your service into this first set is critical to growing market share. It’s really not rocket science, it is simply getting your name or brand in front of your prospects with as much frequency and reach that you can afford.


Advertising offers businesses the chance to push their name and message to a captive audience. The only challenge then is to find out where audience is going, where they are spending their hours consuming entertainment and information.


Well for the past 10 years the only place that has had an increasing percentage of consumption is online and specifically online video. The growth has been amazing with over a 1000% increase in online and mobile video consumption in the past few years.


The is gives us a great opportunity to put out the most powerful message medium in history at a very low cost per view. Using a computer program and something called real time bidding we can target demographics and consumer behaviors to reach our perfect audience, without money spent reaching unqualified viewers. This is called programmatic media buying and it is the most amazing advertising opportunity. You have seen these ads before, they are called pre-roll video ads they show up as commercials before videos you want to watch online. You probably haven’t seen many local or small business owners using this medium, and that is why it is a great idea for you. You can be the first, and own that visual space. Get you name out and introduce your product to thousands of people right around your business, at pennies per person.


Next marketing minute you will learn just the costs of pre-roll video advertising and exactly how it works.

Two Minutes About Digital Media and How You Can Reach A Vast Audience

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