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Motiliti's unique blend of creativity and data analysis generates more clicks at lower costs to our clients.

15 Years Of Managing PPC In Austin


Motiliti usually saves a business owner so much money on the Google Adwords account that the cost of management is covered by the cost savings of their budget and click costs. Motiliti is a PPC agency in Austin that helps target better quality traffic that converts at higher rates and generates more ROI on the marketing budget.

Business owners might believe that managing their own PPC campaigns is a low cost solution for their digital marketing. This is a costly mistake for most owners and typically results in the business owner cancelling pay per click advertising within a few months of starting. The process appears to be simple but it looks this way on purpose. Owners spend more and more money on more and more keywords without understanding how to track what is working and what isn’t.


PPC management is an art and a science. Our paid search team is lead by Dr. Joe Schaefer, a Neuroscience researcher who has been working in the paid search platform for 13 years. Success in PPC campaigns relies on creativity and data analysis. Dr. Schaefer is certified in every possible Google digital marketing platform as well as being a certified Google Analytics expert. Under Dr. Schaefer’s supervision the Motiliti team generates more clicks at lower costs, which means the client’s budget lasts longer each day and that drops the price per lead or cost per sale down dramatically.

Let Us See If We Can Save You Money

Five Steps To Paid Search Advertising Success

Targeted Advertising

Target the most qualified prospects with the art of keyword selection.


Let your search ad copy filter out the non-qualified click-throughs.


Use analytics for tracking and channel attribution.

Low-Cost Clicks

Get clicks at the lowest cost to extend your budget (decreases cost per lead).


Always Be Testing (ABT)

Only Pay for Qualified Traffic

The precise search that someone types in indicates how close they are to purchase or action. Unless you have an UNLIMITED budget, keyword selection and exclusion is critical to cost-effective digital marketing.

Select Visitors With Specific Ad-Copy

The art of writing good Adwords copy is to bring as much detail forward from your website as possible onto the search results page. This allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and users to make informed decisions. The ad copy itself acts like a filter to select your perfect prospects.

Lower Actual Click Costs by Managing Properly

The CPC (Cost Per Click) can vary based on several different factors. By properly optimizing and managing your campaign our PPC analysts are able to get discounted rates for costly, competitive keywords.

Always Track Conversions to Focus Spending

Understanding what works and what doesn’t work is key to a successful PPC campaign. Conversion tracking allows us to delete the keywords that don’t generate sales and this concentrates your money on the performing keywords.

Get the Most Clicks and Leads for Your Budget

At Motiliti we have 12 years of experience handling clients of all sizes. We can manage your campaign so that you get the most impressions, clicks and conversions for your budget. By getting clicks at lower costs you spend less per click which allows your budget to last longer during the day and that means more clicks for your spend.

Why Your Business NEEDS Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

In this video we will talk about Pay Per Click advertising and the biggest business killing myth in web marketing. For the past eight years here at Motiliti, an unbelievable numbers business owners have voiced their desire to get free traffic on the internet. In fact, their business models didn’t include a budget to bring traffic cause they are expecting that to just happen on its own.


I can tell you with 1000% certainty that if you don’t have an advertising budget, then you don’t have a business. You have a hobby. There is no such thing as free traffic, it’s a myth passed around by people who are NOT business owners.


So starting with the assumption that you will have to pay “x” amount to acquire each and every new client, I can tell you with the same 1000% certainty that pay per click advertising is a fantastic way to get a reliable amount of traffic, leads and clients.


Will it require testing and adjustments to get a consistent conversion rate for that traffic? Of course it will. This the same web marketing myth in another package – If you build a website, people read what you wrote and scramble to be your client.If your average client is worth $500 to you, then you should expect to spend $50 to $100 to get that client. Unfortunately, many business owners see the Pay Per Click bill from Google for hundreds of dollars and they freak out. It’s not Google’s fault that your website can’t turn those visitors to clients.


Paid search advertising is one of the most powerful advertising methods in history and you should be leveraging it to grow your business now. See you next time when we discuss some Pay Per Click case studies and numbers.

Our Pay Per Click Management:

  • Focused on conversions, not just clicks
  • Can save more money than the cost of our service
  • Generates easy-to-track results and return on investment (ROI)

“I Will Never Pay For Clicks”

If you have been opposed to the idea of pay per click advertising then you need to reconsider. Take this quick test to see if you are a perfect candidate to become a pay per click success story.

Three Questions To Consider:


  •  Do you have an actual business that is profitable?
  •  Do you understand that real businesses have to pay to acquire new customers?
  •  Is your average customer lifetime value over $100?

Did You Answer Yes To All Three Questions?

If your answer to all three questions is YES , then you are a perfect candidate to try pay per click advertising and transform the future of your business.

What Conversion Rates Can You Expect?

We took a client from 1% conversion to 11% in a matter of days, They used pay per click ads to acquire traffic at a cost of hundreds of dollars to get a single lead. Now they are paying a fraction of that amount at a 900% reduction in cost per lead. They also saw a 100% increase in a year to year comparison of new client contracts as a direct result of our work on their campaign.

Motiliti Client

``Finally, an SEO firm that is ACTION-ORIENTED and DELIVERS results. Motiliti has taken us from the shadows to the spotlight – with significant improvement in our web lead generation, organic search rank, page rank and PPC campaign optimization. They are easy to work with and quick to respond.``

Kelli Click – President, SDIRA Services