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Digital Marketing Decisions Should Be Based On Data.

Joseph Schaefer, PhD co-founded Motiliti as an SEO service in Austin TX in 2008 with Scott Martin. Dr. Schaefer draws on his PhD in neuroscience to bring behavioral science, persuasion and data analysis to the art of SEO.  The SEO team at Motiliti will get the results you need and give you the best possible chance to rank higher for search terms either locally or nationally. Your digital marketing plan needs to leverage data and the science of persuasion in every part of your strategy. Dr Schaefer and Scott martin have served over 500 clients in the past 10 years and have a vast experience in getting results that can be measured and that impact ROI. When you work with the team at Motiliti you are drawing on the knowledge of a company that has directly generated over half a million leads from SEO, PPC and website conversions.

Google Analytics "Deep Dive" Assessment

$200 FREE
Analysis of Visitors Behaviors, Traffic Sources, Conversion Path, Trends, and Loyalty

Google Analytics Deep Dive

Most businesses have analytics installed in their website. This powerful tool provides even the smallest business owner the potential to make every marketing decision based on hard data and fact instead of emotion. Our service includes the analysis as well as personal consulting from Dr. Schaefer as he walks you through your data and the revelations that come from that data.

Analysis, SEO and PPC Planner

We turn your google analytics deep dive into a marketing plan customized to your industry, goals and budget. Based on how fast you want to increase your marketing exposure, we will give both tactical, timeline and budget recommendations.

National and Local SEO

SEO is all about ranking your keywords higher in search. We have handled digital marketing for small owner-operated business and national chains with 100+ locations.

Adwords PPC

Dr. Schaefer began professionally managing Adwords for clients in 2002, the same year that Google introduced Adwords cost per click advertising to the public. You will not find a smarter more strategic Adwords person. The money he saves the typical business person more than pays the Motiliti management fee.<br />

No Excuses - No Jargon

SEO reporting should be straight forward and simple. Has your ranking position in Google gone higher for important keywords? Is there more traffic coming to your website? This is all that matters.

Free Information

Fill out the form below to get a 5-point website analysis on everything from new keywords to target, to conversion stratetgy and current SEO ranking.

STEP ONE: Get A Complete Website SEO and Strategy Analysis [Free]

Multi-Factor Analysis Includes:

  • Current Google ranking?
  • Missing Keywords Report
  • Ranking History
  • How Many Keywords Are “Almost There”?


“I have been in business for 40 years, and built a company to 125 locations before selling it for one the largest sales in Canadian history. In 2013 I hired Motiliti to handle every aspect of digital marketing for my new company. I have never seen the dedication that Motiliti brings to their service. They are true partners in our business. We have grown at an incredible pace to 50 locations and thanks to Motiliti every single location can be found at the top of page one of Google.”

Marke Hambley, CEO Nexgen Hearing

FAQ’s About Our No Contract SEO Service

Google Analytics Deep Dive?

Most businesses have analytics installed in their website. The powerful tool provides even the smallest business owner the potential to make every marketing decision based on hard data and fact instead of emotion. This service includes and analysis as well as personal consulting from Dr. Schaefer as he walks you through your own data and the revelations that come from that data.

Will My Price Increase?

Most agencies offering some kind of pay for performance will increase your price as your ranking climbs higher in the search engines. Motiliti will keep your rates at the same flat rates regardless of how high you climb. 

How Will I Know SEO Is Working?

This will be extremely simple to verify. We will show you where you ranked for your keywords when we started and you will be able to personally search and find yourself on higher and higher search ranking positions over time. No Jargon, No Mystery, No Excuses.

What If SEO Isn’t Right For Me?

Motiliti handles every single digital marketing tactic. Programmatic, Display, Re-Marketing, Pre-Roll Video, PPC Management, Website Design, Conversion Consulting, Geo-Fencing, Email Marketing. Co-Founder Dr. Joseph Schaefer has a PhD in Neuroscience and easily navigates the digital marketing and can advise you to find the right strategy for your web marketing future.

How Will Billing Work?

Since we have no contracts you can always cancel our services with a 30 day notice. 

Dr. Joseph Schaefer and his incredible team took us out of the shadows and into the light with a brand new web site and SEO package. We have a very successful business, but we did not have a web site that projected that great image or that helped us gain any customers off the internet. But we do now! Motiliti designed and implemented the entire site with minimal efforts or time from our staff. Every person we worked with at Motiliti was super helpful and a joy to partner with. Thank you. Lori Carter, Carter's Country Outdoor Stores
Lori Carter
Lori Carter
16:06 02 May 18
Joe's application of behavioral psychology to websites is Motiliti's secret sauce. I've hired other web marketing companies to build and upgrade websites in the past. They were good, but they were formulaic; nothing special. Joe has a unique gift that I've never come across in the crowded web marketing space. In the two short months since Motiliti overhauled and upgraded my site, I've had a phenomenal response. These folks are truly visionary and unprecedented in maximizing the conversions of visitors to buyers on a website. I now recommend Joe and the Motiliti team exclusively to all the business owners whom I coach.
Wendy Nolin
Wendy Nolin
17:47 16 Mar 17
I would recommend utilizing Motiliti for web based businesses that need an inside tract on how things really work in the Google world , Joe Schaefer is very experienced and easy to work with, he provides me with no frills advice on how to move my business up to the next level.
Steve Shire
Steve Shire
18:36 10 Aug 16
The pros at Motiliti are digital marketing experts. Top quality production and amazing, fast results. I use them for all my web marketing projects.
Bob Brown
Bob Brown
02:58 27 Jul 16
Alex Myers
Alex Myers
15:44 02 May 18
I predict this business being valued in the millions one day. The people here work hard to achieve YOUR goals, and are extremely good at what they do. If you need a digital banner on the highway of the internet, Motiliti is the business for you.
Novus World Builder
Novus World Builder
15:12 30 Sep 19

SEO Is The New “Snake Oil”

The use of the term “snake oil” started over 100 years ago, and was used to describe the deceptive sales practice of promising something would perform miracles when in fact it was a complete placebo. This is how is how most of the SEO world operates. Since business owners do not understand SEO it allows companies to draw monthly retainers for long contracts with no measurable results, just proclamations like “SEO takes a long time so be patient”.

Clients Often Pay Money For Nothing

A recent client came to us having paid two separate SEO companies thousands of dollars over months. HE never saw a single benefit, ranking change or sale come from his website. We started a 14 day free trial and started by asking for access to his WordPress website so we could get to work. He told us that the previous two companies never ever asked for access to his website. Amazing! Within 36 hours of starting we had already had him on page one of Google in his town for his main service category. While it doesn’t always work out this way, this was a perfect story to illustrate the point that most SEO doesn’t work because the companies aren’t actually doing anything. Since the business owner can’t look into the mysterious black box of SEO, they can’t evaluate the service. As an Austin SEO Agency, Motiliti is leading the way for small business owner to take charge of their digital marketing.