Web Video Production

A professionally made video tells your story, differentiates you, builds immediate credibility and an increased desire to engage with your company.

Web Video Production For Online Persuasion

Motiliti approaches Video production in an completely unique strategic way. Motiliti has an amazing video department that utilizes the best technology and skills to shoot and edit video. However, the thinking part of creating your video is the hardest part. Having a video is not enough. What the video says will have the greatest impact on your success.

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

- Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Researcher

Uses For Web Video

Walk Through Of Services

Explanation of Selling Proposition

Clarifying Complex Information With Text and Graphics

Branding Message

The power of video to engage can be used throughout a website to grab attention and convey a sales message. Web commercials can run anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes in length, but should be kept at the shortest length necessary to tell the story.


Web commercials aren’t necessarily a commercial shown on the internet but they do have some similarities to their much more expensive broadcast cousins. As a visitor pulls their way through your website and the data you have arranged for them, a high quality web commercial can push them over the threshold to taking action. That threshold is most often a need to believe in your credibility and a quality video can do this.

Our Process

Motiliti Gathers Vital Information Before Telling Your Story


The three greatest desires and fears your prospects have about your product


Your prospect’s stage of product awareness


Your market’s stage of product sophistication


The mass desire or need your product serves


The most likely action in your site that will lead to the highest conversion

Strategic Video Production

Each and every video that we produce is custom-made, expresses your message with clarity, and is designed to generate more leads and sales in your website. The typical sales or explainer video is 1-2 minutes in length and has motion graphics, voice/screen talent, 3D effects and possible animation. These videos not only clarify and explain the details of your product, service, process or unique selling proposition, but they typically will end with a specific call to action for the web visitor. There has been study after study showing that video increases closing rates, increases intent to purchase, and increases overall message retention. Motiliti has been performing video production in austin since 2008 and have created over one thousand unique client videos.

Visitor Reaction To Sites With Video

Stay On Page Longer 0
Conversion Rate Increase 0
Believe Video Is Helpful When Buying 0
More Likely To Buy 0

Our Video Services

Product and Service Video

Product and service videos explain what your company does for new customers or visitors, and helps to communicate what makes the your company or offerings stand out from everybody else. They are powerful tools to gain additional traffic to a website, and generate awareness, as they can be viewed on your website and channels such as YouTube.


Pre-Roll/Web Commercial

Pre-Roll Video ads appear at the beginning of online videos. What’s great about this is that it is geared towards people that are already engaged. Viewers that watch online videos are ready to interact, and it allows you take advantage of their anticipation and undivided attention. These videos can also be targeted to any demographic group or geographic area.


Broadcast Television Commercial

Television advertising is crucial to building a brand identity and achieving good brand recognition within your marketplace. Whether we use your existing footage or film on location, Motiliti focuses on providing the best ‘production value’ possible and making the most out of every TV ad production budget.


Video Production Elements

Scripting and Storyboarding

Our video team has written thousands of video scripts from 15 seconds to 25 minutes in length. Our skill is in persuading prospects to become clients.

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Make your commercial come to life with unique motion graphics. Motion graphics and 3D animation are a great way to publicize corporate achievements in an eye-catching manner. Whether your goal is building customer confidence, promoting an event or employee motivation; 3D animation and motion graphics are essential part of every commercial.

Talent Included

Our on-screen talent and voice over actors are veteran professionals with decades of combined television news and commercial experience. You have the option to select one that you like best, as their delivery of your message is essential to the success of any video marketing campaign


This is where the fun begins! We can either shoot your commercial in our studio or film on location. Our directors and producers have decades of experience shooting nationally televised commercials and films. We use state of the art video equipment to ensure that we get the most professional for your commercial.

Post Production

During the editing stage, we take all the footage we capture during production and import it into our editing software. This is the part where we compile your story together.

Revisions and Delivery

We share a rough cut of the commercial with you. We want your feedback all at once, so we can address them as soon as possible. Once you have approved of the revisions, we will deliver you the final HD video through whatever channel you prefer(FTP, Dropbox, etc).